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Normandy Beach Part Deux

Leslie Brown


Normandy Beach, in France where Allied forces landed both by air and sea to a tide that literally flowed red with the blood of those fighting the tyranny of Hitler in Europe. Jim Martin landed there as a paratrooper 70 years ago on “D-Day” but at night and to shooting;  this week he did it again.

My daddy was a paratrooper during the first Cold War.  Once a doctor looked at an x-ray of his back, and immediately asked, “Where you a jumper?”   I know how hard jumping is on the body, so I admire Jim Martin of the 101st Airborne all over again because he landed on Normandy, but this time at age 93.

I mourn what is happening to our country, but more than for myself I mourn both for the loss of this Greatest Generation and what they are having to witness in their last days on this planet. What they fought and bled for now turned on its head and in many cases “the enemy” given better care than our veterans.

Thank you Jim Martin, because even now with your frail body, you show more “love of country”, determination, and bravery than I dare say now sits in our Oval Office.

APTOPIX France D-Day

Handout photo of a crashed U.S. fighter plane on the waterfront on a Juno Beach D-Day landing zone in Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer

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