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A Badge with a Heart

Leslie Brown

Police officer Derrick Practico of Jacksonville, Florida responded to a report of a woman’s car being broken into. Theft is the “common cold” of police work, but it’s what the officer did afterwards that makes this story so great.

You see, the vehicle belonged to a mother, and inside her car were presents for her toddler’s birthday. The mother had bought them with her tax refund check, and she didn’t have the immediate means to replace them.

That’s when Officer Politico stepped in, and took it upon himself to replace the presents and toys, including a cake and a card, at his own expense, as well as giving the mother a hundred dollar gift card to help her get back on her feet.

The kind act went unreported until it was praised on the police department’s Facebook page.
I’m sure the toddler will have happy memories of his birthday as well as the kind cop man who made it possible all over again.

good cop

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