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Friends for Life

Leslie Brown

Adreian Payne and Lacey Holsworth are an unlikely pair, she: tiny, blonde and “girly”, he: tall, black and athletic.

They met when Adreian’s basketball team, the Michigan State Trojans came for a visit at a children’s hospital in 2011; soon after Lacey’s diagnosis of cancer.  Adreian stayed around longer than his other team-mates, talking and coloring with little Lacey. Adreian came to share his time with the kids, but he ended up taking with him a lifelong friendship.

The two continued the friendship texting, “twittering” and going to Adreian’s games whenever Lacey was able. Lacey was the only one with Adreian besides his family as he attended his final senior game, and he hoisted “Princess Lacey” high, to help cut down the net.

For a time, it seemed that the cancer was gone for good, but when it came back, it did so with a vengeance.  Lacey opened her eyes and responded to “A.P.” in the hospital when she hadn’t for anyone else for two days.

Sadly, Lacey recently passed away, but not before teaching her “big brother” a lesson in life Adreian calls “loving like Lacey”.

I think of him all the time and I love him.



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