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No, I’M offended!

Leslie Brown

Liberals have taken “getting offended” to a whole new level; a ridiculous level. Supposing you had a friend or family member in dire need of an intervention.  One way you might approach said “lush”/druggie is to perhaps document by cell phone* or video*some of their ludicrous behavior so that they could see it for themselves.  THIS is that picture for liberals.

big curtains

A Veteran’s Hospital in Iron Mountain, Michigan actually went to the time and expense to install a curtain in front of an “offensive” altar, cross and statues of Jesus and Mary in a CHRISTIAN CHAPEL!!!  Are you kidding me?  You can’t make this stuff up!

Apparently they were thinking “better safe than sorry” and the possibility of law-suit as a result of some poor schlub walking the halls in the hospital, (probably a non-English speaker), to inadvertently stumble into the chapel by accident.  Their eyes would be forever seared by the scene of such homophobic-sexist-paternalistic-racism that they could never UNsee.

A public affairs officer for the V.A. said the order to make the chapel religiously “neutral” (dare I say neutered) came down from Washington in 2008.  Hmm, what happened in 2008?

What liberals did NOT find offensive was the 1987 “art piece” funded by tax payer dollars through the National Endowment of the Arts, called “P*ss Christ” in which a crucifix is shown in a glass of the “artist’s” own urine.

Let’s compare and contrast for a moment things liberals find offensive and what they don’t.  Maybe you can help me sort out some kind of pattern, rhyme, or reason.

Offensive: term Washington “Redskins”      Not offensive: feminists dressed as a giant, well um…

Offensive: School choice                               Not offensive: Choice to kill your own child

Offensive: feminine women                          Not offensive: themselves

Offensive: strong, manly men                      Not offensive: man incapable of simple home repairs

Offensive: the cross of Christ                       Not offensive: desecrating a cross

Offensive: Romney comment on “binders of women” Not offensive: Clinton’s sex in Oval Office

Y’all help me out if think you can “crack the code”, because I’m stumped.  

(*I’ll bet Ted Kennedy was sure glad those didn’t come out until somewhat recently)


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