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Stereotypes are NOT timesavers….

Leslie Brown

Think about some stereotypes and assumptions that you have; we all have some. Now, think about how many you have been wrong about.  Everyone’s will be different, and there will be a few that are the same, but these are a few I have encountered:

“Women don’t drive well”, think Danica Patrick

“All Texans have ranches”, I don’t, however there is one on the next block.

“A black kid from a single-parent home in Detroit will never amount to much”, think Dr. Ben Carson.

“The Pope is to be served, not to serve”, think of the Pope recently washing the feet of others, despite ruffling some feathers at the Vatican.

“The Irish are a bunch of drunks”, I personally know more Irish who don’t drink, than drink.

“One who attended Harvard School of Law must be smart”, think Barrack Obama.

“Anyone who chooses to run for President must love our country and want what is best for her”, think Barrack Obama.

“One who runs on a platform of “transparency” would never hide things from the American people”, think Barrack Obama.

This concludes today’s lesson on stereotypes and assumptions.


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