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The “Domino Theory”

Leslie Brown

Beginning in the 1950’s America became openly involved in Southeast Asia because the prevailing opinion at the time was that if one country fell to Communism, others would follow suit in what is known as the “Domino Theory”.

Ascribing to this theory were Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy and ultimately L.B.J. who escalated the Vietnam war.  Ultimately, North Vietnam captured Saigon, and Cambodia and Laos fell under Communist rule, but there was no further “spread” in the region.

Now we have a President who is “tumping” (it’s a West Texas thang) the dominoes ON PURPOSE in the Middle East, except this time instead of Communists, they are terrorists.

Obama “tumped” over the government of Egypt as well as that of Libya and would have reached for Syria as well, had he gotten his stompy-foot way.  Iran simply laughs at us now as they build there ever growing nuclear arsenal unmolested.  I pray that we may get a leader in our land who strives to put in place the “good” and the “just”; starting with their own cabinet, and I pray that it won’t be too late.

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