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More than Flowers

Leslie Brown

Little Rock Arkansas police officers got to deliver a lot more than flowers recently to a very grateful wife.

Alzheimer’s sufferer Melvin Amrite has bought his wife flowers every Mother’s Day for the past 60 years, and he wasn’t going to stop now.  Melvin slipped out of his house on the day before Mother’s Day on a mission to buy flowers for his wife; he neglected to tell her though, which left a frantic wife as Melvin needed assistance to simply walk around the block.

 Police officers were dispatched to help in the search.  Police found Melvin two miles from his home, and on a dogged mission: buying flowers. Police officers drove Melvin home to a very grateful and relieved wife, but not before taking Melvin by the grocery store to buy the flowers.  In the surveillance video of the flower purchase, one of the officers can be seen slipping the extra needed money to the cashier when Melvin came up short for the purchase.

Thank you officers Brian Grigsby and Troy Dillard for not only doing your job, but helping a long love story hold on to its bloom a little longer.


Melvin Amrite

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