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Feminism: Opportunistic Outrage

Leslie Brown

The “recent”, well heck it’s been five weeks now since the Nigerian school girls were abducted, and where I ask you, is the outrage from the left and the feminists?  I’m sure the pouty faced tweet of Michelle Obama sent shivers down the spines of the Boko Haram group.

Let’s imagine for just a moment that it was a “Right-Wing-Nut-Job” (RWNJ if you “Twitter”) who touted: “no education allowed for females”, women (I use the term loosely) must consent to getting married….even ELEMENTARY school aged ones, and not only can you beat an egg and a rug, you can also beat your WIFE!

Absolute “crickets” are heard from the feminists, not to mention Pravda, umm, I mean the mainstream media.  I guess to a feminist or the mainstream media, more outrage is to be had by making a full-grown woman PAY for her own birth-control.

In the works of Martin Luther King Jr.,

He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.

There’s a lot of evil in this world, but hey, there’s a group who feels “empowered”,  so they’re “good with it”.



Martin Luther King Jr. Twitter meme


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