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Thank You Donald Levine

Leslie Brown

Korean War veteran, and G.I. Joe creator, Donald Levine passed away this week shortly before he would have celebrated his 60th wedding anniversary with his wife Nan.

G.I. Joe was created fifty years ago by Mr. Levine, earning the Hasbro Corporation over five billion dollars. More recently, he created the top selling line of  Biblical “action figures” called Almighty Heroes such as David and Goliath, Elijah, Samson, Moses and others.

Levine said, “God watched over me” during his two years of combat during the Korean War. We want to remember him and all of our fallen veterans this Memorial Day weekend.

You may not think a girl like me would have played with  G.I. Joe too much, but you’re wrong. You see, I often liked to “borrow” a  G.I. Joe from some unsuspecting neighbor boy when I played “Barbie”, because I thought Ken was a golf-pants-wearing-sissy-boy (plaid pants, really?).  My Barbie always chose G.I. Joe over Ken after I got a messy “love triangle” going on.

Somehow, when said little boy would come to retrieve their G.I.Joe from the pink Barbie convertible and my “clutches”, they would pick him up tenuously using but the tips of their booger-encrusted fingers as if he had somehow been “defiled” by an icky girl or was a pair of soiled underpants.

Thank you Donald Levine for your service to our country and for giving us all countless hours of fun, not to mention coining the phrase “action figure” because it prevented untold numbers of boys from being “beat up” for playing with “dolls”.


Also, “mad props” to Jewish Donald Levine for appearing on the 700 Club, how “unhyphenated”!

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