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Without government, would we have roads?

Christopher Harris

Did you know that, according to the latest Forbes 400 list, Oprah Winfrey has a net-worth of $2.9 Billion? Did you know that there are only 183 people in America, and 579 people in the entire world, that are wealthier than the 60 year old media magnate??

Did you know that she owns estates in Montecito, CA; Fisher Island, FL; Lavallette, NJ; Douglasville, GA; Telluride, CO, the island of Antigua; and serveral properties in Maui, HI?

Did you know that her main property in Hawaii is 1,000 acres, and has a four-mile long road? Did you know that the road stretches from the water tank at Kealakapu Road near Piilani Highway in Kihei to Keokoa, near Haleakala Highway?

Did you know that back in 2010, that road was paved by general contractors, Goodfellow Brothers., Inc,  and according to the Maui County Planning Department, “This is a private roadway and will not be open to the public”?

Why is it not open to the public? Because OW Ranch, LLC, wrote a check to have the road built…that’s why.


Did you know that back in 2009, the residents of Hawaii’s Kauai island got together as individual citizens, and did something that supposedly only government can do?  Polihale State Park, a driving force and economic lifeline for the residents and business owners of that area, was closed for several months, due to severe flooding destroying an access road to the park.

The Hawaii state Department of Land and Natural Resources estimated that it would cost upwards of $4 million, and about two years to fix the road…and they didn’t have the money or manpower to do it. So do you know what those citizens decided to do? They banded together, acquired the machinery, organized the manpower, and on March 23, 2009, they started doing the work to save themselves and their businesses.

Would you be surprised to know that on March 31, 2009…all of the repairs were done, and they were back in business? Yes, you read that right…EIGHT (8) DAYS LATER.

So when you STOP and THINK about these examples (and there are many more historical examples), doesn’t it seem that asking “Without Government, who will built the roads?’ is kind of like asking, “Without slavery, who will pick the cotton?”

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