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Two A.J.’s

Leslie Brown

I’m not a sports fan at all, but I just might have to start following the “Crimson Tide”, or Alabama State.

The quarterback for Alabama State A.J. McCarron and equipment manager A.J. Starr seem like an unlikely friendship.  You see, A.J. Starr was born with cerebral palsy and despite not being physically able to play football, he loves the game.

A.J. McCarron saw two Alabama buses leaving a bus stop for a football game and saw that A.J. Starr had accidently gotten left behind.  McCarron asked Starr if he needed a ride.  Starr instantly recognized the quarterback and the two grew acquainted on the way to the game.

McCarron saw Starr’s passion for the game despite being unable to play, and after some work behind the scenes, was able to get Starr an unpaid position for the team as the assistant equipment manager. This was a dream come true for Starr who often watched the team play from behind a gate.  Starr’s responsibilities are increasing all the time and the team loves him.  He said,

“I’m probably the luckiest guy in the world right now.”

With a friend like A.J. McCarron, and doing what he loves, I think A.J. is right.


a.j. starr


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