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Good Cop, Bad Cop??

Christopher Harris

I don’t know about you, my fellow Unhyphenated Americans, but the police frequently “hassle me”. No, not because of the color of my skin…but because of my physical handicap.

You see, I was raised in Germany. I actually learned how to drive and got my license in Germany in the late 1980’s. Well, there is something weird in the water or in the air over there, and it seriously affected me, and has caused me problems during my entire adult life. Because of the “environmental factors” of where my parents chose to raise me, somehow, my right-foot has become much heavier than my left-foot.

That’s right…I AM A VICTIM!!

Consequently, I have had more interactions with police, because of my “physical deformity”, than I care to talk about right now. I really don’t appreciate them hassling me, and failing to give me a pass because of my handicap. I am thinking of calling up Messy Jackson and Al Charlatan to see about starting some new “protected class” for those of us who have this “physical deformity”. Or at the least, getting some special “lane” created that is only for those of us with this handicap.

Anyway, I digress. There are few things that make me cuss more than seeing flashing lights in my rear view mirror. I mean, seeing Obama on tv makes me cuss, but I can just change the channel or turn off the tv. But when I see flashing lights in my rear view mirror, I can’t just “change the channel”, I have to suffer the consequences of my handicap.

But what if you saw those flashing lights in the mirror, and when the officer walked up to your window, THIS HAPPENED?!?!?

We here at Unhyphenated America applaud Plumas County (Quincy, California) Sheriff, Greg Hagwood, for taking “Protect and Serve” to a whole new level. He is a member of the County Sheriff Project, and Constitutional Sheriffs, and as such, is dedicated to Enforcing the Bill of Rights, and Protecting The People’s Liberties.

Take a bow Sheriff Hagwood.

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