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Good Enough To Serve, But Not Stay?

Leslie Brown

 American resident and Cuban refugee Mario Hernandez fought for our country in the bloody fields of Vietnam.  He then he worked for our federal government for 20 years.  Now, to his shock, he finds out he is an illegal alien and may have to leave the country he has loved and served.

Mario’s nightmare began when he applied for a passport to go on a cruise with his wife.  Now mind you, he had worked for an agency that both required citizenship and background checks every five years.

This is yet another example of our government’s left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing and an example of the loathe of the military our government now has.  This the same government that rented port-a-potties for illegals holding an amnesty rally at the White House, but had police in riot gear to intimidate World War II veterans at their own memorial.

I believe the bar for citizenship should be set very high, but it is obvious that Mario loves our country; even raising a son to fight in Afghanistan.

Let’s hope and pray for Mario that the government does a rare “right thing” these days and doesn’t “boot” a man who served with his boots on the ground.

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