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Nosy mother monitoring Facebook saves son’s life

Leslie Brown

Nosy mom checking son’s Facebook page may have saved his life?  Well, sort of…

A Utah mother monitoring her son’s Facebook page witnessed threats to her high school son’s life posted by two teenage suspects.

The suspects who were not students at her son’s school were apparent gang members. Police took the mother’s report of the threat seriously, and apprehended the two youths who were found exactly where they had posted on social media they would be; near West High School in Salt Lake with a weapon, a loaded magazine, both drugs and drug paraphenalia.

Parents are often derided for being “nosy”, but in this case, it very well may have saved her son’s life. Detective for the case Greg Wilking said,

“Anything you do online these days can be traced to you, and you might want to think about that before you put something out on the web,”

Let’s hear it for “nosy” parents, which in this case was good parenting!

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