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Paying it Forward

Leslie Brown

Jayden Lamb was taken from this world far too soon at eight years old, but his death set in motion a chain of “pay-it-forward” events in his home town of Midland Michigan.

The Lambs decided to “pay it forward” beginning with themselves, at the local Starbucks by buying a stranger a drink anonymously as a way to honor the memory of their son.

The giving then spread throughout the whole town. A server received a tip of $50 dollars in memory of Jayden, another women had her entire lay-a-way of Christmas gifts for her children paid off anonymously. A McDonald’s manager said that sometimes no one will actually pay for their own order for as long as a run of fifteen minutes.

Jayden’s last complete sentence before he succumbed to cancer was,

I’m never gonna get married Daddy; God needs me more.

Some time later, the Lambs were eating dinner in a restaurant after Jayden had passed, and the cascade of kindness came full circle when their meal was paid for by some stranger in honor of Jayden.

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