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Cherishing the Divine in All

Leslie Brown

“Cherishing the Divine in All” is the mission statement for the Catholic Charities outreach in Baltimore, Maryland; they “walk the walk” most people only talk, caring for over 160,000 people annually.

Some people just need a hand up, not never ending handouts. Kianna is one who was transformed by this organization in a meaningful and life-changing way.  You see, Kianna was once homeless with an infant in tow, but now owns a home that she had to put some “sweat equity” into through Habitat for Humanity.  Her immediate needs were met by living in transitional housing through “Sarah’s House”.

Sarah’s House also helped with childcare for Kianna’s toddler and job skills so that she could go on to secure a job as an administrative assistant. In fact, Kianna is now pursuing a Bacherlor’s in social work so that she help others as she was helped.  Now that’s real hope and change.

“Sarah’s House helped me grow up. They gave me the tools I needed to achieve a better life. I never thought I’d be where I am today at age 19. I was so discouraged.  I owe so much to Sarah’s House,”



This picture just makes me smile!

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