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“Cable” for Help!

Leslie Brown

Russell Henderson was just doing his job, repairing some cable lines in a Houston apartment complex, when he stepped in as a rescuer.

Twins, and asthma sufferers Melanie Aguirre and Lisa Wesley were faced with a terrible choice; jump from a second floor balcony of their apartment, or risk smoke and flames after a grease fire began in their kitchen.  That’s when Russell stepped in after hearing their cries, and used the work ladder he had with him to rescue the ladies. One of the ladies was even able to rescue her cat during the melee.

I think what makes Russell such a phenomenal hero is the modest attitude reflected when called a hero,

“Wow, wow, I never thought of it like that, but thank you. I thank them.”

“Cable guys” sometimes get a bad rap, but I think Russell is a true hero AND an Unhyphenated American.


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