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What if everyone in the world was a Texan?

Christopher Harris

The most densely populated metropolitan area in the United States of America is New York City. Speaking from the perspective of someone who happened to be in Times Square the night before Super Bowl XLVIII was played in the NYC/NJ area, I can tell you what an overwhelming feeling it was. It was literally wall-to-wall people. On any normal day, NYC has a population of just over 8.4 million people (8,405,837 to be more precise) packed into 305 square miles.

NYC is known as the “city that never sleeps”, and there is always something exciting to do. In fact, they say that you can get virtually anything you want in NYC…everything that is, except for SPACE!! You see, because with the exception of Central Park, which is big and beautiful, only the richest of the rich have any SPACE in NYC. What does this have to do with Texas? I’m glad you asked.

If you listen to the looney-left, they would have you to believe that along with “Global Warming,”…I mean, “Global Climate Change,”….I mean “Global Climate Disruption,”…with a population of just over 7.2 billion people, the world has a serious “over-population” problem. But before you accept that as fact, here is what I would ask you to do. First, take a look at this picture of the world at night, and then tell me if you think that the world is over-populated.

City Lights 2012 - Flat map

It’s really simple to understand. Where you see lights, that means there are lots of people…and where you don’t see any lights…there are not lots of people.

Well, it turns out that the current population of the entire world could fit in the state of Texas and it would only have the population density of New York City! NYC has a population density of 27,560 people per square mile (ppsm). While Texas is almost 100,000 square miles bigger than California (the most populous state), it has nearly 12 million fewer people. Texas is also nearly five times bigger than New York State, but it only has about 7 million more people in it. With over 268,596 square miles of land, Texas is second in size only to Alaska, which has an astonishing 665,384 square miles of land.

If you took the entire worlds population of 7.2 billion, and used the NYC population density model of 27,560 ppsm, it would take approximately 261,248 square miles of land to fit the entire population of the world.

Stop and think about that for a second. Texas has 268,596 square miles of land.  That means you could still have 7,348 square miles left over for parks. And just to put that into perspective for you, that would be like having the state of Delaware available for parkland, NEARLY FIVE TIMES OVER.  The whole “over-population” thing is sounding kind of silly right about now, isn’t it? But it is kind of cool to stop and think about just how big Texas really is. So could everyone in the world really become a Texan?

Texas - World Population - UA edit


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