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A Place to Lay His Head

Leslie Brown

This is a follow-up to the story that was posted yesterday about the homeless man who upon discovering he had a “winning” lottery ticket, immediately wanted to share his winnings with the man who gave it to him.

Well, that story went “viral” and media personality Rahat, who had given the lottery ticket held an online fundraiser for the homeless man “Eric”.

Over 40,000 dollars was raised for Eric which went towards furnishing a rental home; rented for one year, as well as clothing, and a monitored bank account to ensure the money was spent responsibly.

Since the “winning” of the lottery, Eric surprised Rahat with the news that he has gotten a job. One can’t help but wonder if having someone believe in Eric and giving him some unconditional love didn’t contribute to his success and empowerment in securing a job.

Get your “Kleenex” out yet again.

Side note: In the video, I love the “Cheshire cat smile” on the camera guy in the back seat of the car on the way to the house, and call or hug your mamas for Mother’s Day if you are able!

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