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Cancelled Debt, Paid Forward

Leslie Brown


Instead of focusing on the negative in this story, I’m going to focus on the good in this story and there’s a lot more of that to see here.

A Michigan high school student was denied lunch at his school cafeteria because of an outstanding balance on his account. In fact, the lunch was taken right out of his hands after he had already assembled it from the lunch-line. Of course the young man was quite embarrassed by the whole incident, and the mom, angry; but she didn’t let it end there.

This mother used the incident as the impetus to pay off ALL of the student lunch debts at the school so that no other child would suffer a similar humiliating fate. What a great way to turn a negative into a positive and a great lesson for all of us!

I have a precious friend who was having “downer” of a morning.  She was in the drive-through line at Starbucks and was behind a vehicle with a bumper-sticker that read, “THINK JESUS”; so she did!  My friend paid for the person’s drink in line behind her, as she paid for her own.  She then drove off  across the street just to watch the expression of the surprised recipient.

My friend absolutely beamed as she recounted the story just thinking of the joy she had spread to the stranger, and needless to say, it turned her day around too.

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