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Learning to Lean

Leslie Brown

Ben Pierce born at 23 weeks gestation was not really expected to live, but he did.  Now he’s, a bright young boy, born into a loving family; but he’s gradually losing his eyesight.

Doctors told the family to help Ben to build a “memory bank” of as many sights as he can before he loses his vision completely, and they have helped him to see mountains, the ocean, and the Dallas Museum of Art even sponsored Ben to come see the Van Gogh paining “Haystacks” that he wanted to see.

Ben’s dad walks his blindfolded son outside teaching him to navigate the slowly dimming world with the aid of a white cane.  Ben’s five sibling have established a “wish list” of things that Ben would like to see and hold fundraisers for him while he still can including the Northern Lights, Paris, London and LEGOLAND.

Ben’s siblings host fundraisers and have started a “wish list” of things Ben would like to see while he still can.

To read about Ben’s wish list, click below:

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