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PRAISE Yourself Free?

Leslie Brown

Nine year-old Willie Myrick of Atlanta was playing outside with his dog when he was forcefully abducted in to the car of a kidnapper, and in to his car. Having the “faith of a child” set this young captive free.

When Willie was first taken into the kidnapper’s car, Willie was told to “shut up”, was cursed at and threatened if he didn’t stay quiet.  Willie did not comply, (perhaps he’s a future patriot!). He kept singing his favorite praise song, which apparently either unnerved or convicted the spirit of the abductor.

Almost three hours later, Willie was released from the car unharmed. As if that story is not good enough, the writer of the praise song that Willie doggedly sang, Hezekiah Walker flew to Atlanta to surprise Willie at his church where this song came to life again, with the voices of Willie and Mr. Walker-both very happy to be there.

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