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Is More Teacher “Diversity” the Answer?

Christopher Harris


According to Time Magazine: While the population of minority students in public schools has risen steadily over the past few decades, new research finds that just 18% of teachers in those schools are nonwhite, raising concerns about lack of diverse role models for kids

New research on the “diversity gap” in U.S. public schools has revealed that a mere 18% of teachers are nonwhite, while roughly half of all students are minorities.

New studies from the National Education Association (NEA) and the Center for American Progress focus on the racial breakdown of staff and pupils at the elementary and high school levels, the Associated Press reports.

Of the approximately 3.3 million teachers working in 2012, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, roughly 82% were white, 8% were Hispanic, 7% were black and 2% were Asian.

Meanwhile, 48% of public-school students are nonwhite, according to the Center for American Progress: 23% Hispanic, 16% black and 5% Asian. The number of minority students has grown steadily. In 1993, they made up 31% of public-school students. In 2003, that figure was 41%. The number is expected to continue to grow.

Education groups want action at the political level to attract more African-American, Hispanic and Asian teachers.

“Nothing can help motivate our students more than to see success standing right in front of them,”

says Kevin Gilbert of the NEA’s executive committee.

Editor’s Comments:  Mr. Harris has found a perfect example of the liberal media and the even more liberal NEA providing their default panacea of “more diversity will fix the problem”.  I taught public school for four long years; having teachers “of color” isn’t the solution; there are going to be no more teachers at all unless there is REAL structural change within the system.

When I taught school,  I was never at the school less than 50 hours a week and that does not count the time spent at home grading papers or preparing lessons. One school’s discipline program was “Love and Logic”, translation: “touchy-feely” tripe with no real consequences for infractions. “Teaching to the Test” is paramount and since things like cursive writing aren’t tested, so why teach them?  Teachers also feel pressure to “pass” students who really don’t deserve it because failing a student is racist-homophobic-sexist etc.  Unless we empower the teachers (regardless of their color), public education will continue on its high-speed descent into madness.

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