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Greatest Generation Veteran Leaves a Life of Servitude

Leslie Brown

Kenny Smith’s service to his country didn’t end on the field of battle; he continued to serve his fellow veterans until his death this month.

Idaho Veteran Kenny Smith assisted in the funerals of over 3,000 veterans beginning in 2004, after burying his wife in 2003.  Despite prosthetic legs, he soldiered on recording the names, dates and accounts of the services in his log book and greeting friends and family of veterans he didn’t even know as they were laid to rest.

Smith made near-daily trips from his home in Boise, to the Idaho State Veteran’s Cemetery in Eagle catching the notice of governor “Butch” Otto and state senator Mike Crapo.  Dedicating over 6,000 volunteer hours at the cemetery, Smith also leaves his mark there by having participated in the construction of the place of rest as well.

Smith’s daughter said he loved the American flag and what it stood for. Let’s carry forward and continue as Kenny did, to serve those who served risking life and limb for our great country.

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