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“Southern Strategy” or “Sunbelt Strategy”? You be the judge!!

Christopher Harris

I will jump right into this whole “Southern Strategy” and “The Parties Switched Sides” nonsense by sharing a quote from one of the best writers I know, someone I affectionately call my “Big Brother”, Hassan Nurullah. Speaking on the mindset of the DNC, he has stated,

“I’ve said it for years, what we are seeing today is the triumph of the amended Southern Democrat strategy adopted after realizing they couldn’t win with fire hoses, attack dogs and the hangman’s noose. If you can no longer lynch them and beat them with sticks, rot them from within. Sap their will to overcome by their own energy. Control them with entitlements so they live in constant fear of losing them. This way they stay ignorant and servile and they will thank their oppressors who now love them.”

Everyone likes to talk about the supposed “Southern Strategy” of Nixon and the GOP…but this was the real “Southern Strategy”.

Here is what President Richard Nixon knew, it was all about the Electoral College Votes, and the 1972 election was going to be the first one after the mandatory redistricting as a result of the decennial census of 1970. Americans were on the move after the turbulent 1960’s, and the landscape of the electorate changed. What Nixon had was more of a “Sunbelt Strategy”, which focused on capturing the votes of the new class of “Yuppies” who were moving “down south” as more industry and technical jobs (like in the Aerospace Industry and with NASA) started to move down to places like Florida, Texas, Alabama, Virginia and California.

If you listen to the Leftist/Regressive/Socialist Democrat controlled Mainstream Media (I prefer to call them the #LameStreamMedia), and especially your average Marxist-minded “African-American” Democrat, you would have the impression that the GOP tried to capture the vote of those racist southern Democrats. They make this assertion that “The Parties Switched Sides”, based on the “proof” that three (yes, 1,2,3) of those “Dixiecrats” became Republicans.

As my friend, Frantz Kebreau shows, what they neglect to tell you, is that out of the twenty-five (25) Dixiecrats who were U.S. Representatives, U.S. Senators, and Governors, only three (yes, 1,2,3) of them became Republicans…the rest rejoined the Democratic Party, where they all remained until they retired of their own free will, or died in office.

Sunbelt Strategy - UA edit

So now, here is one simple question. If all of the racists switched from Democrat to Republican in 1972, how did James Carter manage to win the Presidency in 1976? From where I sit, as a true-blue Democrat, Jimmy “The Peanut Farmer” Carter won Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and West Virginia. And he only lost Virginia by 22,658.

I guess those “racists” must have felt homesick for their political birthplace in the DNC in 1976, huh?

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