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Victims of sex trafficking: Branded like cattle!!

Christopher Harris

I had a radio interview today with my buddy Ricky Herschel. He was interviewing me about my experience as an Independent Business Owner, as well as asking me about our Unhyphenated America website. After we signed off on the interview, we got back on the phone to follow-up and chat a little bit. He then shared something very disturbing with me. We have all heard about “sex-trafficking”, and as hard as it is to believe, it is a booming industry right here in the United States of America. But did you know that these despicable sex-traffickers actually “brand” their sex-slaves with tattoos, so that if they run away, and are caught, they can be identified and returned to their “owner”??


Branding Sex Slaves

Ricky told me about an interview he recently did with a gentleman named Chris Baker. Mr. Baker is the founder of an organization named “INK 180“. Ink 180 is a Christian based organization that works to help people turn their life around by removing the tattoo “brands” they acquired along the way, usually from their affiliation with gangs, but in this case, from being a victim of sex trafficking.

It was during a meeting with Homeland Security’s gang division that Chris was invited to discuss his ministry with another unit upstairs, the human trafficking operations. Suddenly, Chris was invited into a horrific underground world few see clearly in the United States. Hundreds of young women, many of whom are domestic victims & runaways, held captive by organized crime, gangs, drug dealers, lies, abuse and threats. They are forced into prostitution and moved into major metropolitan areas including Chicago. They are typically tattooed by their captors so that if they are ever found, they can be tracked back and returned to their ‘owners.’ These tattoos are sometimes names, but often bar codes that can be scanned with smart phones…and sometimes the victims are even branded and scarred like animals.

My fellow Unhyphenated Americans, what does this have to do with you?

INK 180 needs your help. INK 180 is entirely funded by donations from people like you. INK 180 charges nothing to the people it helps, it never will. INK 180 does not exist for profit or gain; it only exists to help people live out their second chance. Whether you can give a little, or a lot, INK 180 will use your donation to change a life in the most literal way that it can, through covering up gang and human trafficking tattoos with something beautiful.

We don’t need more government programs, we simply need more Unhyphenated Americans to reach out and help their fellow human beings in need, because ultimately, that fosters the environment for an Unhyphenated America.


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