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Gifts of Grace and Mercy

Leslie Brown

Grace is getting what you don’t deserve, and mercy is not getting what you do deserve. This story demonstrates the gifts of both grace and mercy.

It’s harder that ever to make a living these days, and sometimes you can just see right through a person to their heart. Plano police officer pulled over young father Hayden Carlo of Wylie, Texas to write him a citation for an expired registration sticker.

Somehow the office who chooses not to be identified, felt the pain and struggle of the young father because later when Hayden unfolded what he thought would be a “citation” in his car, instead there was a $100 bill. Hayden has a wife and two young kids and works hard; the $100 dollars allowed Hayden to register both his car and his wife’s.

Hayden deserved a ticket, but what he got instead made him break down in his car, because he got grace and mercy instead.

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