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Dude! Where’s my ambassador?

Leslie Brown

I’m a red head.  Red heads blush really easily; sometimes even vicariously for other people. This was one of those times.

Am I the only one who feels like this Administration is just a really bad dream?  Case in point watch this video where the former NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL SPOKESMAN, Tommy (boy) Vietor actually said “Dude” in an interview on national news (not MTV) regarding an attack which killed our AMBASSADOR and three other brave souls.  Seriously?  I’m not even sure he shaves yet; he’s like a political “Doogie Howser” sans the intellect.

Sometime things have to come “full flower” to show how ridiculous they are. Case in point; as a parent, if one has a young child who is want to tantrums, videotape them and make them watch it.  They will see how utterly ridiculous they look and it will put the kibosh on the fits.  One could do the same thing with a slobbering drunk too, but I digress.

Liberalism has been slowly, ever so slowly infesting our country, kind of like a slow motion, evil, kudzu. One might say it started with the federal income tax which did not even begin until 1913 with the 16th Amendment; somehow we managed just fine without it before then.

Go ahead watch the video.  Just a warning though, it may cause flushing, an uncomfortable feeling and perspiration.

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