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Oh, Puhleeez!

Leslie Brown

I’ve heard of a “donated kidney” being rejected but not a “donation FOR kidneys” being rejected.  Since the lamestream media is perpetually “jonesing” for someone to demonize, the “demon o’ the moment” is now Donald Sterling.

What is his crime you might ask?  Well, after private conversations were recorded WITHOUT his knowledge or permission, it turns out he made some unsavory racist comments. Never mind the fact he has a mistress, never mind the fact that Sterling can’t be TOO racist since his mistress is a beautiful person of color.

Nope, nope, nope, we must stick to our hypocritical guns and make sure none of Sterling’s filthy lucre sullies the area of kidney research.  So kidney research takes a “kidney punch” thanks to the long arm of the P.C. police.  I’m sure the lamestream media will cough up the three million dollars themselves that was slated to go to research at UCLA now that they have effectively stopped Sterling from giving his funds.

So let me get this straight, anyone who says something “divisive” or “hurtful” in a private conversation cannot donate funds to help others? Wow. That probably leaves out oh, say EVERYONE!

Anyone care to place bets as to when the P.C. police or lamestream media pony up the 3 million to replace Sterling’s money?  Don’t hold your breath.

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