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New laws can’t create new doctors

Christopher Harris

In a recent Wall Street Journal opinion piece, Dr. Daniel F. Craviotto, Jr., an orthopedic surgeon in Santa Barbara, Calif. said, “We could change the paradigm. We could as a group elect not to take any insurance, not to accept Medicare—many doctors are already taking these steps—and not to roll over time and time again. We have let nearly everyone trespass on the practice of medicine. Are we better for it? Has it improved quality? Do we have more of a voice at the table or less? Are we as physicians happier or more disgruntled then two years ago? Five years ago? Ten years ago?”

Bottom line: as a physician, would you like to choose the course of treatment for your patient, or have the government dictate what you can and can not do?  What if it’s a partisan government?  When the bloated, regulatory government gets between doctors and their patients, quality goes down and frustration goes up. Just take a look at the V.A. hospital system.

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