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Calm down folks, I’m a Democrat!!

Christopher Harris

Tiny little Belleville, NJ, is just north of Newark, NJ, and only 15 miles from the sprawling, ethnically diverse megalopolis of New York City. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, it has a population of approximately 36,000 people. The township is approximately 60.55% White, 9.12% Black, and 12% Asian.The rest was Hispanic, Native American and Pacific Islander. But out of the 36,000 residents, there is at least one known racist, and that is City Council member, and Mayoral candidate, Marie Strumolo Burke.

Now of course, if you ask her, she will deny being a racist, but according to, Forensic analysis has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that it was in fact her who said, “This is terrible.This is terrible. This is gonna be a (expletive) n—- town.”

These words were captured on a voicemail message left by the former chairman of Belleville’s planning board, Sam Papa, on the phone of Councilman Kevin Kennedy, a voice thought to be Burke’s can be heard in the background screaming the angry racist comment.

Apparently the lifelong Democrat was upset about a proposal to make changes to the tax system in the township, and that spurred her to utter her true feelings.

I think I know what her new campaign slogan ought to be. Lets have her try this one on for size.

Racist - Marie Strumolo Burke - UA edit



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