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Juan William’s Wife Wishes for a Weapon

Leslie Brown

I love Juan Williams.  He’s such an affable guy, and his book Muzzled about how he was run off from National Public Radio for supposed “racist” comments about Muslims is excellent; but he’s a liberal…..

Juan Williams is like Kirsten Powers who is a Democrat as well; nice, well-meaning people who have moments of lucidity aaaand then they’re gone again.  Maybe this will wake him up though. It’s been said that liberals are conservatives that haven’t been “mugged” yet.

Recently Juan’s wife was about to fill up her car only to have it whisked away by a carjacker. Fortunately, Mrs. Williams was not hurt nor did the carjacker make off with a full tank of gas!  Mrs. Williams was quoted as

saying “I wish I had a gun”.  Maybe guns aren’t so “meany-pants” after all Juan.

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Juan Williams




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