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Israel Thrown Under the Bus?

Leslie Brown

I don’t know about your guys, but it still seems pretty surreal to me that we have a former-Vietnam-war-protestor-plastic-surgery-recipient as the Secretary of State.

Israel has been an ally of the United States since their inception as a country in 1948. Why do we support Israel? Well, they are an island of democratic process in a sea of Arab enemies and we share Judeo/Christian values. We have supported Israel since the time of founding fathers.

“I will insist that the Hebrews have done more to civilize man than any other nation.”
(Letter from John Adams to Thomas Jefferson)

We will speak up for our principles and we will stand up for our friends in the world. And one of our most important friends is the State of Israel … Israel is a small country that has lived under threat  throughout its existence. At the first meeting of my National Security          Council, I told them a top foreign policy priority is the safety and                                     security of Israel. My Administration will be steadfast in supporting                                     Israel against terrorism and violence, and in seeking the peace for                                     which all Israelis pray.” (George W. Bush)

Now from our resident “Einstein” on foreign policy John Kerry: In a closed-door meeting with world leaders Friday, Secretary of State John Kerry reportedly warned that Israel risks becoming “an apartheid state,”.

Should this come as a surprise when at the Democratic National Convention in 2012 that God and Israel were both “booed”? Maybe character does matter.

Watch and listen for yourself…..

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