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Dinesh D’Souza: Unlikely Patriot

Leslie Brown

Dinesh D’Souza born in Bombay, India may seem like an unlikely patriot, but he is one. D’Souza highlights and “calls out” country hating members of the “enlightened”  intelligentsia in his new movie “America” to be released on Independence Day.

There are some in our country who would demonize our great nation for crimes of the past such as the “genocide” of the Native Americans and slavery but say “meh” to it occurring currently. Let’s look at some facts shall we?  Estimates of Native Americans killed in our evil “land grab” would be speculative at best, but according to the National Geographic News (2011):

The number of Native Americans quickly shrank by roughly half following European contact about 500 years ago, according to a new genetic study.

So these Noam-Chomsky-types fixate on something that had its apex, oh, say half a millennium ago; before we were even a country unless, that is, you’re Sheila Jackson Lee.  And guess what? Westward expansion would have occurred in North America with our without the blessing of the U.S. OR Canadian government.

How about the genocide of more than 765,651 of babies (through abortion) reported to the Center for Disease Control JUST for the year 2010. The media silence allows cricket chirps to be heard, despite the fact that proportionally, minorities comprise the majority of these murders, um, I mean procedures.

Slavery is long over in our country (thanks to Republicans), with the most modern-day slavery taking place in India, followed by Haiti that is unless you count the Muslims who can rape and beat their underage “wives” and they can get away with that in any bloody country they please thanks to liberals. Where is the outrage?

I haven’t seen a movie since “Larry Crown” because it involves two whole hours of sitting still, and most of them are garbage, but I’ll be seeing this one. Trailer below:


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