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You’re not alone….

Leslie Brown

It’s one thing to love your own children, but to embrace the children of others into your home and love them as your own takes a special kind of person.

This video will start your week off in a very special way because it was made by a foster family as a way to welcome a new little brother to their flock. If we are going to be against the snuffing out of the life of unborn babies, we have got to be for something else.

I’m blessed to be part of a ladies group of which one of our members in her 70’s just took on a foster family of four children, and desperately wants to keep them all together.

Figures from 2012 suggest that the adoption of foster children is increasing to 13.1% up from 12.6% in 2011. Taking a child who has been perhaps “shuffled around” several times and giving them a “forever home” is a gift to them that will never be matched.

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