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Truth Shouldn’t Have to be “Wormed” Out of…..

Leslie Brown

Recently, some Democratic lawmakers were asked a legitimate question; the question simply about something the President himself had expressed as truth, several times in fact; then, the “squirming” began.

What was this “awkward” question? The question was about what had happened to the $2,500 in annual health insurance savings per family that was to begin with the implementation of Obamacare. What followed was nothing less than cringe worthy.

The two Democrats (Tim Walz and Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota) on the panel who voted for Obamacare were quickly pointed to by the one on the panel who had not voted for it. Watch the video yourself and see if you can make any sense of the “politician-speak” that addresses the question such as, “the discussion needs to be broader”….blah, blah, blah……  In other words, a NON answer.

In a time of universal deceit-telling the truth is a revolutionary act. George Orwell

Let the revolution of truth begin.

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