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From Homeless to HARVARD

Leslie Brown

Imagine calling home from summer school only to find out your parents have moved and abandoned you; this story is nothing short of a real-life Cinderella story.

Teen Dawn Loggins was in her fourth school since the eighth grade.  Her high school counselor realized there were needs in Dawn’s life, big needs when Dawn asked for candles so that she could complete her homework.

Most people, including myself have to learn lessons the hard way.  Dawn watched the effects of drug abuse on her parents and chose to rise above. Teachers and families from her school stepped in to prevent Dawn from being placed in the state’s custody after her abandonment and made sure she was provided with clothes, food and a place to stay as Dawn worked at her own school as janitorial staff.

Dawn received several letters of acceptance from state universities, but a letter of recommendation written by her history teacher opened a door, a door to Harvard with a “full-ride” scholarship.

The beautiful teen shines as a star for refusing to stay under her circumstances and rises above them having been tempered, tried and “educated” by the mistakes of others.

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