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Sins of the Father; Forgiven

Leslie Brown

It’s one thing to take accountability and responsibility for yourself, or even your children, but here’s a story of a young man who took responsibility for his father.

78 year old Tana Herndon of Bethany Oklahoma was visiting the still-fresh grave of her husband of 60 years when she was robbed of 700 dollars. The mugger was later arrested and his mug-shot shown on the local news.

15 year old Christian Lunsford instantly recognized the mug-shot; it was that of his very own father.  Christian’s parents divorced when he was two, and his father has rarely been involved in his life, however recently his father gave him $250 for a band trip.

Upon hearing the story of the victimized widow, Christian wanted to make things right to the best of his ability.  Christian arranged to meet the widow in the parking lot of a church where he gave her the $250 his father had given him suspecting it may have been part of the money taken from Mrs. Herndon’s purse. Mrs. Herndon graciously accepted the money, then she gave it right back to Christian. She wanted him to go on the band trip, and just knowing that he cared and had such a sensitive conscience gave purpose to her life once again.

Accountability is a rare thing these days.  Thank you Christian for being an example that is far too often lacking in our world.

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