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Are rebellious teenagers now potential “Domestic Terrorists”??

Christopher Harris

When did teenagers stop rebelling by shoplifting and suddenly become domestic terrorists?

Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and CounterTerrorism, Lisa Monaco, spoke at length with Gwen Ifill of PBS about “homegrown terrorism,” and she went out of her way to be politically correct in this matter. She made it a point to minimize the specific threat of radical Islam.

When discussing the recent shootings at Overland Park, KS, as an act of “terrorism”, Monaco omitted any reference to the other KS-area act of terrorism where teenager Mohammed Pedro Whitaker shot at cars from the freeway around Kansas City, MO.

It was shocking to hear someone in the Obama administration say, “What we’ve learned is that there are limits to what the Federal Government can do…” when she was asked about the role of local communities versus the role of State and Federal Government in this matter.

When was the last time you ever heard anyone associated with this administration say that more Federal Government involvement is not the key to everything?

How far have we fallen as a nation and in our morals, when instead of worrying about teenagers being stupid and hurting themselves, generally with petty crimes, and we must worry about them becoming domestic terrorist?

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