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“Haters” Be Hating……

Leslie Brown

Segregation is not over folks.  Apparently, if you are black and your thoughts are not in line with those from the liberal “thinking fountain” of such mental giants such as Joe Biden and Sheila Jackson Lee, “haters” will be hating.

Judge Clarence Thomas found this out (again) recently when he sided with the majority in the 6-2 Supreme Court ruling allowing states to support affirmative action at their discretion.

Who knew Judge Thomas was such a “hater”? Gee, I guess Martin Luther King Jr. was a “hater” too for suggesting that hiring and school acceptance be based on something crazy like CHARACTER, grades and accomplishments.

Justice is supposed to be blind, but according to liberal logic, the blindfold of justice is to peeked over to ensure that some people ” are more equal than others”. Isn’t that the very worst kind of racism? Does not Affirmative Action in essence say, “Hey, we need to give this group a little boost.”?

Hateful posts or “tweets” were posted on Twitter (one example below) referring to Judge Thomas as an “Uncle Tom”, “the worst black person of all-time”, and worse, for his decision. Liberal “tolerance” indeed.

To read more about the court’s decision, click here:

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