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Giving Up “Gaming” To Save Lives

Leslie Brown

Nine year old Hector Montoya of Grand Prairie, Texas was so moved by a news story he saw about a mother and young daughter who died in a house fire, he decided to do something about it; something great.

Hector had been saving up his allowance for quite some time to the tune of 300 dollars, towards the purchase of a PS 4 “game station”.  Instead of saving for himself, Hector decided to make a difference in the lives of others by purchasing 100 smoke detectors with his money. Grand Prairie firefighters helped with the installation of detectors for homeowners who were previously without, like 91 year old Troy Johnson.

Curious as to what Hector was giving up, I decided to go to the PS 4 website myself.  After reading some of the games titles; let’s just say he made the right choice in more than one way. I found the page on the PS 4 site about sharing games titled, “Greatness is Greatest When It’s Shared” kind of ironic.

Hector chose not to focus on himself, but the well-being of others; I can’t think of a greater “greatness”.


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