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The verdict is in – David Gregory sucks!!

Christopher Harris

NBC has hired a shrink to find out how has David Gregory has managed to ruin the longest-running TV program (founded in 1947) in American history.

Meet the Press has been in existence for over years, it has been hosted by such media stalwarts as the Tom Brokaw, Chris Wallace, and most recently, Tim Russert.

Russert took over the program in 1991, which was languishing in third place, and by 1997, it became (and remained until his death) the #1 show on the Sunday morning talk show circuit. He was generally well respected, and considered to be “fair”, despite his known Leftist leanings (he was Chief of Staff, to Democrat U.S. Senator Daniel Moynihan, and Counsel to Democrat Governor of New York, Mario Cuomo). And then came David Gregory…

When Tim Russert passed away in June 2008, out of respect for the memory and legacy of Russert, NBC waited an appropriate amount of time to select his replacement, and they settled on David Gregory in December 2008. While Gregory was supposedly well respected in his career with NBC and MSNBC, and supposedly very successful, that has not translated into success with “Meet The Press“.

Most interesting is that, while they renewed his contract in February 2013, it’s been reported that later that year, NBC commissioned a psychological consultant to interview his friends and even his wife. The idea, according to a network spokeswoman, Meghan Pianta, was “to get perspective and insight from people who know him best.”  Apparently they are trying to rehabilitate both him and the “Meet the Press” brand to get their moneys worth out of his multi-million dollar salary.

While there are no official reports available for the salary Gregory is receiving, it has been reported that before his death, Tim Russert was earning $5 million per year (talk about income inequality). So it could be safe to say that Gregory is certainly receiving somewhere in the seven-figure range annually. Incidentally, his peer, Chris Matthews is also reportedly earning somewhere between $2-5 million annually for his work on MSNBC’s “Hardball“, which also routinely runs a distant third place in its time slot (7-8pm) among the most coveted demographic in television, the prime earning 25-to-54-year old subset.

Maybe they are trying to figure out if he is crazy or something, because he has taken a program that often attracted an audience 40 percent larger than its rivals (NBC earned a reported $60 Million from the show in 2007), and now the show is constantly running in third place, behind shows like ABC’s, “This Week“, hosted by George Stephanopoulos, and the current #1 show, “Face the Nation” on CBS, which is lead by 77-year-old Bob Schieffer. Even more sad, the 43 year old David Gregory is getting trounced by Schieffer in the 25-to-54 year old demographic.

Well known blogger and media personality, Michelle Malkin, once served as an intern for Tim Russert, which allowed her to interact with David Gregory during her career. She had some “less than flattering” things to say about him. She stated that Russert was everything that Gregory is not, in regards to his character and professionalism. She referred to him as “juvenile”, “boorish”, and a “diva”.

She penned in Townhall:

“Since Gregory doesn’t have the intellectual heft to carry in-depth interview segments the way Russert did, “Meet the Press” producers have reduced substantive exchanges to a few minutes and larded the rest of the show with fluff and stunts. That means: If it’s Sunday, it’s Meet the Jerk.'” And Ms. Malkin added that “No amount of brand therapy and rehabilitation consulting can fix him.”

While MSNBC is stuck in damage control, and doing its best to rehabilitate its brand and its hosts, they should heed Mrs. Malkin’s further observations of Gregory.

Last fall, Gregory the gun-control activist masquerading as a Sunday talk-show journalist made headlines with his brazen hectoring of NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre — while illegally brandishing a 30-round ammunition magazine on national television. He has used the show to fawn over vulgar, misogynistic “comedian” Bill Maher and to repeatedly browbeat Timothy Dolan, the archbishop of New York, over gay marriage.

As I’ve noted many times over 20-plus years in this business, the problem isn’t bias. It’s the pretense of non-bias. Gregory and his peers suffer from cognitive dissonant hack syndrome, a common affliction among incurable left-wing journalists who sanctimoniously pay lip service every day to neutrality and objectivity, while brazenly using their platforms to promote partisan political narratives.


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