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“Motor City” Madness Indeed!

Christopher Harris

If cities like Detroit, Chicago and the 9th Ward of New Orleans were run by Republicans, every news organization would spend most all day, every day, highlighting them as examples of failed leadership and policy.

Detroit highlights in particular the danger and trap of unions. At one time, Detroit boasted the highest median household income in the country. During the Johnson administration, Detroit was even one of the cities in the “model cities” program of central urban planning.

Auto worker unions “strong-armed” for wages and benefits that peaked at $74 an hour including benefits; this proved unsustainable in the long run as the automobiles produced effectively priced themselves out of the market. The average price for a home in Detroit is now $5,700, and only 25% of Detroit students graduate, despite a higher-than-national-average amount spent per student. Detroit is now bankrupt, just like the utopian dream it was based on.

The video below shows what has become of the formerly vibrant and bustling city of Detroit. It will be well worth your time:

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