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The Gift That Keeps Giving With Every Beat!

Leslie Brown

heart recipient

If this picture doesn’t grab your heart, you may just need a heart transplant yourself!  Susan Puckett, mother of a son who was killed in an accident , is able to listen to her son’s heart give life with every beat to grateful recipient Derrick. Susan’s word below:

This was the day I met my son’s heart recipient. My son, Thomas, died as a result of a traumatic head injury in August, 2008. He was just a few days away from turning 18. He had made the decision to be an organ donor when he got his driver’s license. We honored his wishes upon his death. Several months later, I wrote to all of his recipients and prayed that we would get a response. In the spring of 2011, I received the letter I had been praying for – from Derrick, my son’s heart recipient. With further correspondence, he was ready to meet us. That was in June of 2011. It was such a blessing to meet this wonderful, young man, who we now refer to as our heart son.

Way to pay it forward Susan!


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