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Judging? Not so fast…..

Leslie Brown

The sometimes surly, Simon Cowell got the surprise of his life by judging this book by her cover.  Salsa dance partners Patty and Nico gave the judges and audience a night to remember.

British grandmother and Spanish dance-instructor took to the stage of Britain’s Got Talent to a few “rolled eyes” and skeptical looks. Their dance started off unremarkably, but climbed to a crescendo and “wowed” everyone, including Simon who regretted hastily “buzzing” of the couple before their dance got geared up.

Patty has danced since she was two years old. After marrying and raising four children, she took it back up again after her husband passed away. Not only is Patty an amazing example, but Nico’s instruction and faith in his student illustrate what having a belief in yourself and others can accomplish.

Amazing video below:

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