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After winning the Master’s, goes to….WAFFLE HOUSE???

Leslie Brown

I’ll admit it, I’m way more impressed by character than any sports accomplishment or prowess.  Golfer “Bubba” Watson is a winner in both regards though.

Faith, family, humor and good-sportsmanship shine through Bubba Watson, nick-named after football great Bubba Smith.  Watson is now a two-time winner of the Master’s Golf Tournament, but is likely as well known for his casual golfing style dubbed “Bubba Golf” which he describes as having fun, playing like a kid and taking shots “that can’t be hit”. More important to Watson than golf, is who he is as a person,

“I’ll never be perfect, I’m always going to mess up, but my whole goal is to be the role model for my son; to be the role model, to be the leader of my family.”

Bubba and his wife have an adopted son named Caleb who Watson says has taught him how precious life is and doesn’t care if he plays good or bad, he just wants to be hugged and held.

After the tournament, at the end of which Watson praised and encouraged his opponent Watson and family headed to the Waffle House to celebrate!  Watson is self-admittedly not a “fancy” person, which one could say provides us a glimpse at his plainspoken humility.

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