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The Earth at night shows the blessing of America

K. Jackson

It’s easy to see where the “civilized” world is at night. What we take for granted isn’t how the world lives.

I remember one of my friends from the Congo coming to America for the first time. He called me from his hotel room, excited. He marveled at how the water flowing from the faucet.

“I don’t believe how clear the water is,” he said in a thick Congo accent.

I chuckled, never having considered it. Then he said to me,

“And it’s been like this for TWO HOURS!”

He was like a child, seeing what he thought was magic. Because where he is from, there is little running water. Water can even be deadly.

Earth at Night - AfricaAs I traveled through Africa, I realized that just having steady electricity is a big deal there, again barely a thought given to such trivialities in the U.S.

As these lights show, you can tell where prosperity lies, just by looking at the lights.



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