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Happy, and grateful

Leslie Brown

Musical artist Pharrell Williams cries with “happy” tears, grateful for the success of his catchy song of the same name-“Happy”.

This is awesome!  A current musical artist not touting drugs or sex and not on a profanity laced rant! Perhaps his hit will be the new “Don’t Worry, be Happy”. Also refreshing is Pharrell’s gratitude for his success in place of arrogance, and his appreciation of the circumstances preceding his meteoric rise to fame.

Pharrell is quick to attribute his success to a litany of music teachers over the years including the Warrens, Mr. Edwards, and Mr. Sharps, the encouragement of his grandmother and the drum instruction of Ralph Copley. “What else do I have any other business being but appreciative?” Pharrell responded. “It’s not my doing.”

Maybe more artists will follow the trend of Pharrell and focus on what they have, which is what they have been given.

To give yourself a dose of “happy”, click on the link below the picture:


Pharrell Williams



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