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High school students give a helping hand….literally.

Leslie Brown

While many teens spew grunts in “gaming chairs,’ eyes affixed to a computer screen, this trio made something amazing.

Leander High School robotics students made use of their skills and a 3-D printer to fashion robotic hand for a two-year old.

Two-year old  Zaxton Bell was born missing three fingers on his left hand which left him with only the ability for a pincer grasp.  With the help of their instructor, Lexi Wilson, James Bell and Jacob Ostrander fine-tuned their design, in order perfect the fit for who would be their hand’s new tiny owner.

Not only was Zaxton  helped, but the students also landed an award at a state robotics competition. The trio is now conducting online fund raising to secure funding for a trip to a national competition.

In the view of Unhyphenated America, they are already winners.

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