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Trans-racial adoption showcases ignorance of black legislator

K. Jackson

Black Democrats have almost cornered the market on ignorance, followed closely by guilty white Liberals. And this Alabama Democrat takes the cake in discussing an issue near and dear to me: adoption.

“The majority of white people in Alabama are against interracial marriage and they are against adoption of black children.” – Rep. Alvin Holmes, D-Montgomery

This comment is completely untrue. White people overwhelmingly adopt black children, even as black fight against this. But Holmes puts his foot so far in his mouth, it actually comes out of his butt.

Here is a radio interview that proves it:

From Mike Cason’s reports:

Parents who have adopted children of another race and other adoption advocates rallied outside the Alabama State House Wednesday to condemn Rep. Alvin Holmes’ remarks last month that white parents rarely adopt black children.

“We will never move forward away from racism as long as we have leaders holding on to the past and turning everything into a race issue,” Beverly Owings said. “There are many transracial families, including adoptive families, living in Alabama.

“As a parent, you do everything you can to build your child’s self-esteem, and it is very offensive when someone purposely degrades a certain population of children. Children are not born racist. They learn racism from their environment.”


The irony that Holmes obviously has more “white” in him than black doesn’t go unnoticed on me! This dude is lighter than Obama, though he does possess the negro dialect.

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